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Lianne and Ted Bear, The original Fluffkins.
Ted Bear was my travel companion a long time ago.

why Everyone needs fluffkinS?

“How I managed my anxiety of traveling alone”

I have traveled worldwide as a professional singer, it was terrific but sometimes lonely. Traveling and flying alone I found particularly stressful and anxiety-provoking. At the age of 25, I decided that I would take a comforter of my own on my long journeys, this was my Ted Bear my first version of Fluffkins.

One of the many benefits of a wearable friend.

I could carry my lipstick, rescue remedy, phone, purse, and keys inside of him, and he also provided an element of emotional comfort, You may think it sounds crazy? but think of all those people who carry a crystal, wear their lucky necklace, or their lucky pants. My Ted Bear gave me the same level of comfort, and so the kernel of an idea, Fluffkins your wearable friends was born.

Grown-ups need comforting as well as the little people.

Even though I was a successful singer, I could stand on stage and sing to thousands of people, I needed a feeling of connection and reassurance. I used Ted Bear in the same way a child would use a comfy blanket.

For anyone needing support with issues relating to loneliness, please click here to go to Mind .

Sensory, Interactive Creative Clothing and Accessories.

I have always been motivated to provide a problem with solutions. I decided to get my design skills into creating characters that could become part of everyday clothing, bags, shoes, and fashion accessories. Giving character and identity to everyday clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories creates an emotional connection and response to the wearer and the viewer. It provides a soothing, comforting quality to normal everyday wear.

Give the world around you a reason to smile.

Ted Bear gave strangers a reason to speak with me, which opened up opportunities for many a heartfelt conversation. What better way to connect to others around you, spread some fun, create some smiles, no matter what your age? and befriend a Fluffkin, your wearable friend.

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