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Fluffkins join the world of anime.

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Fluffkins find a home with anime fans.

I sometimes wonder did I create Fluffkins or did they take over my body and brain to materialize into the physical world. Sometimes there would be mistakes in the creation process but I just couldn’t throw any of them away. They felt alive and had their own individual personalities. Up until the Cardiff Anime and Gaming Con. I had only shown them to friends and family, suddenly here I was facing the possibility of having to let my creations go to their new homes. I have made many artworks and sold quite a lot of designs in my career but I had never experienced having an attachment quite like the one I have with my Fluffkins.

Cardiff Anime and Gaming Con 2021
Cardiff Anime and Gaming Con Wolf giving a cuddle to Fluffkins
A Fluffkin Cuddle

fluffkins on their way to their new families.

Fluffkins debut at Cardiff Anime and Gaming Con. brought out a vast array of mixed emotions in me, ranging from ecstatic excitement that finally Fluffkins are out in the world and ready to go to their new homes and sheer dread that they won’t be sitting in my studio next week welcoming me with their silly grins and wide eyes. They were cuddled (cwtched in welsh) and some went to their new homes, they waved me goodbye and promised to keep in touch and tell me of their new adventures.

The anime community welcomed fluffkins with cuddles and smiles.

My hope for Fluffkins was that they were welcomed by The Anime Community with love, cuddles, smiles, and giggles and I am so glad to report that they were. They brought a lot of smiles to a lot of faces, which was absolutely needed after the COVID lockdowns.

Cardiff Anime and Gaming Con sheep saying hi to
Sheepiness + Fluffkins = Sheefluffipiness

Click here to check which Fluffkins are looking for in their forever homes.

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